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Is it time to swap IT Support providers?

Swapping any service provider can seem a daunting task, but switching IT Support Provider could prove to be a game changer for your business and absolutely the best thing for your business needs!

A new IT Support Provider could provide you with a fresh look at your systems. They should be up to date with the latest solutions to enable your business to grow, minimize risk and improve efficiency.

Ask yourself these few questions and evaluate your current support provider:

Are they proactive?

Your IT Support Provider should ensure your business runs without disruption. Besides responding to your requests quickly, they should be monitoring and maintaining your systems to alleviate the risk of problems before they occur.

Do you have reoccurring issues?

Frustrating right? You expect your provider to ensure downtime to be avoided and to minimize disruption, but also they need to quickly and efficiently address any problems that do arise. If you are faced with the same issues over and over again, despite being told that they have been resolved it would appear that your provider has unfortunately not done all they canto solve the problem and address it properly.

Is your business data secure?

Now more than ever the security of your business data is of the utmost importance. Cyber crime is increasing day by day and you and your clients need to confident that your personal information is kept secure at all times.

Have you got a disaster Management Plan in place?

DMP’s have traditionally been put in place for the scenarios where offices are inaccessible normally due to fire, flood or storm damage, but thanks to the increase in cyber-attacks and the ongoing threat of Covid-19 many SME’s have opted to complete a Disaster Management Plan to ensure that they can run as a business should they have to shut the office at short notice.

You should be confident that your support provider will be ready for action as soon as you alert them to a disaster situation, and that they will be able to minimise damage, provide solutions and get your business up and running ASAP.

Can you communicate efficiently?

Your partnership should be built on trust and open communication. You should feel able to contact your support provider and converse with them no matter how technical an issue may be. A strong relationship should be built and you should find them friendly, helpful and understanding.

Time to switch? We make it easy!

A support contract with UKBITS Ltd will provide your organization with access to our helpdesk and team of IT Professionals who will ensure the security and smooth running of your IT infrastructure.

NO long contracts, NO hidden costs and NO added extras. Just reliable, friendly & jargon free business IT Support.

For more information please feel free to contact us on 01530 561750

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