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Remote Working

Whether it be working from home, a hotel room, out on the road and traveling or even from abroad, remote working allows you to work from anywhere!


Due to Covid-19 remote working has increased massively and businesses are having to adapt fast.


We can help you decide the best remote technology for you business. Factors to consider:

  • The type of work to be completed

  • The devices being used – personal or business owned hardware

  • Broadband speeds

  • Budget


Options include:


VPN – A Virtual Private Network allows you to connect securely to the office network via the internet. This type of connection is great if you are out and about and using Wi-Fi networks that aren’t yours.


RAG – Remote Access Gateway allows users to connect to a virtual desktop. This is great if you need access to lots of data or large files. This option for remote access is the closest you will get to working from your desk in the office. It provides you with the set up you are used to, but it does require your PC to be left on at all times to allow a remote access.


RDP - Remote Desktop is a programme or operating system feature that allows you to connect to another computer in a different location, see that computers desktop and interact with it. This option would allow multiple users access to a server/network and provide full connectivity to your business infrastructure.


We would gain a strong understanding of your business needs and suggest a suitable solution. Training would be provided and your support contract would give you access to our helpdesk and cover all users queries.

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