Windows servers and computers have a built-in firewall which is often turned off because of issues it causes with certain software.

This is something we are able to troubleshoot for you and we are also able to provide and/or configure other hardware or software firewalls if needed.


There are many flavours of Antivirus software available.
Some are very expensive, some are less so, some slow your systems down, some don’t.


We are registered resellers/partners with some of the bigger name AV providers out there which enables us to renew your license for you when it’s due.

There is even one we can supply where you pay per computer every month, so if you wish to add or remove licenses, you pay as you go instead of buying bulk licenses for one, two or three years.

If you are looking to implement a new or different anti virus solution, we can help you decide which is best for you.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a provider we aren’t registered with, it’s all about what’s in your best interests!

Anti Spam

As time goes on, everybody seems to be getting more and more junk, 'phishing', malware and scariest of all, 'spear phishing' emails. The bad guys are getting smarter and many of these emails look authentic, in some cases using hand typed emails from hacked email accounts that target specific users!

There are a few ways this can be filtered out, ranging from online anti spam services that filter out the bad emails to a quarantine and then deliver the genuine ones to you, to on premises anti spam solutions that sit on your server, or even just a few manual 'tweaks' on your email settings.


We can configure and implement 'SPF' records and checks, which is a way to reduce spoof emails being sent on your behalf and to prevent others from coming in to your mailbox.


New legislation is encouraging encryption of devices in order to protect data if they are lost or stolen.

We can advise on available encryption methods where required and implement them for you.

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