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Networks & Servers

We set up new servers for customers where required, with all users, shared folders, permissions and restrictions on files, and software installations such as MS Exchange, Sage or ACT for example.

Where customers already have a server in place, we undertake any work or maintenance required, such as administering new users or ex-employees login and access rights, software installation or upgrades, or troubleshooting problems.

Networks / Cabling

Whether customers want a simple network with one switch and a few PCs or a full infrastructure comprising server cabinet, patch panels, wall ports, router and Firewall, we are happy to advise and/or quote for all the hardware and install it.

Office moves are often a headache when a computer is relocated and won’t connect to the network.

We are often needed to trace network cables or ‘patch in’ ports to make them live on the network.

If new network ports need to be added, we can also quote for installing network cables and terminating them.Whatever your network requirements, we are here to help.



Data is a critical part of any business and backups are a necessity, often overlooked until they are required.

We can provide and set up backup hardware and software if required, troubleshoot and resolve backup issues, and monitor the backups to ensure they have run successfully.

Remote Access

Many businesses have a requirement for remote access – for the MD, the sales team, or maybe part time staff that sometimes need to work from home.

This is something else we can set up for you if you need it.

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