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Disaster Management Plans (DMP)

Its inevitable that the spread of Covid-19 will increase over the coming weeks. With schools and businesses expected to be affected, be it due to members of staff/pupils becoming unwell or simply due to an external connection to someone that is affected. Nike & Delottie are just two big businesses that have taken the decision to close their offices so far.

This week it was predicted that up to a fifth of the British workforce could be unable to work due to Covid-19, with the Government releasing a statement outlining the various plans for the worst-case scenario.

DMP’s have traditionally been put in place for the scenarios where offices are inaccessible. With consideration made due to fire, flood or bad weather. Thanks to the impending threat of Covid-19 we as an SME have just completed a Disaster Management Plan to ensure that we can run as a business should we have to shut the office/self isolate at short notice.

Now is the time to consider your DMP.

Could your employees work from home?

All members of our team here are able to work from home. Reassuring our customers that we will be able to continue to support businesses with no loss of service.

What would need to be in place to allow your business to be operational should you need to shut up shop?

Office 365

Cloud Computing, especially Office 365 and cloud-based CRM Systems are becoming more and more common, this gives access to email, shared files through SharePoint and OneDrive, MS applications such as Word, Excel and Teams.

Telephone Systems

As well as having access to files and documents, nearly all businesses need phones to function. VoIP Telephone Systems will allow your customers to contact you, and employees will still be able to make business calls again with an internet connection.

If you need any advice regarding any of the applications noted above, please not hesitate to contact us.

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