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Meet The Team...


Simon Kilmister

  • Simon Kilmister - LinkedIn Page

Managing Director

Simon is a keen walker, birdwatcher and photographer. He often nips off to Norfolk or South Wales for the weekend to do all three. Oh, and don't forget the snooker!

Living next to Ashby canal, Simon extends our support reach through the inland waterways system all the way from Moira Basin to Donisthorpe Church!

Pete Rowell

  • Pete Rowell - LinkedIn Page

Technical Director

At weekends Pete earns extra cash as a Ron Atkinson lookalike, but don't tell the taxman!

Pete likes his motorbikes, whether it be the Fireblade, the Sports tourer, the Enduro, or the

monkey bike.

Often out on one of them at the weekend in the summer months,he's really a fair weather biker!

Tom Brecknell

  • Tom Brecknell - LinkedIn Page

Technical Support Engineer

Tom is a keen football fanatic, supporting Burnley (yes, really).

Never mind.

He does go to watch them at home and away when Simon and Pete let him out of the cupboard under the stairs where he's forced to live.


Helen Sutton

  • Helen Sutton - LinkedIn Page

Sales Co-ordinator

When Helen is not in the office ensuring we all toe the line, she's at home looking after her children or going out with the family.

She has many years of experience in the technology area, but we're not allowed to say how many in case it gives her age away!

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